Here are the Special Agent OSO:Three Healthy Steps episodes.

  • Difficulty: Normal
  • Scores: 15
  • Episodes: 15


  1. Jump Rope- Normal Lvl.3
  2. Shoot A Basketball- Normal Lvl.5
  3. Swing On A Swing- Normal Lvl.4
  4. Make Orange Juice- Nornal Lvl.6
  5. Catch A Ball- Normal Lvl.8
  6. Pick Strawberries- Normal Lvl.4
  7. Play Tag- Normal Lvl.6
  8. Order A Meal- Normal Lvl.5
  9. Ride A Scooter- Normal Lvl.6
  10. Play Mini-golf- Normal Lvl.7
  11. Twirl A Hoop-a-loop- Normal Lvl.2
  12. Make A Salad- Normal Lvl.3
  13. Play A Hopscotch- Normal Lvl.4
  14. Make A Frozen Juice Pop- Normal Lvl.5
  15. Rake Leaves- Normal Lvl.5

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