Here are the seasons of Special Agent OSO.

Season 1Edit

  1. Never Say No Brushing Again / The Girl With The Golden Book- V.K.x01
  2. Hopscotch Royale / Goldringer- V.K.x02
  3. Hide Another Day / Live And Let Dry- V.K.X03
  4. The Girl Who Cheered Me / License To Twirl- V.K.x04
  5. For Your Show And Tell Only / Piggy Bank Royale- V.K.x05
  6. Dr.Off / License To Dress- V.K.x06
  7. To Grandma With Love / Gold Flower- V.K.x07
  8. License To Clean / On Her Cousin's Special Salad- V.K.x08
  9. A View To A Book / Diamonds Are For Kites- V.K.x09
  10. The Living Flashlight / Sand Castle Royale- V.K.x10
  11. Goldfeather / Live And Let Ride- V.K.x11
  12. The Three Wheels Are Not Enough / A Zoo To A Thrill- V.K.x12

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Season 2Edit

  1. Quantum Of Sandwich / Thunder Muffin- V.K.x25
  2. Goldputter / Live And Leaf Rub- V.K.x26
  3. The Man With The Golden Retriever / The Chairs Are Not Enough- V.K.x27
  4. Dr.Juice / For Your Nose Only- V.K.x28
  5. Goldscooter / The Boy With The Coloring Crayons- V.K.x29
  6. Sock Puppet Royale / Costume Of Solace- V.K.x30
  7. For Angels With Snow / Dr.Snow- V.K.x31
  8. Dr.Go / For Your Bed Only- V.Kx32
  9. Best Friends Are Forever / For Your School Days Only- V.K.x33
  10. Quantum Of Celery / Drink Another Day- V.K.x34
  11. Another Way To Fly / A View To A Ball- V.K.x35
  12. For China With Love / Thunder Basket- V.K.x36

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