Here are the season 2 songs from Deemo of Special Agent OSO.

  1. Iris- Sta (Episode TBA)
  2. Freedom Dive- Xi (Episode TBA)
  3. The Silence- Sta (Episode TBA)
  4. Riddle Story- Cranky (Episode TBA)
  5. Cosmo- HAMO from Mili (Episode TBA)
  6. Halcyon- Xi (Episode TBA)
  7. Future World- KillerBlood (Episode TBA)
  8. YUBIKIRI-GENMAN- Mili (Episode 46)
  9. Evolution Era- V.K. (Episode 7)
  10. Fable- Mili (Episode 8)
  11. Atlantis Love- V.K. (Episode 1)
  12. Past The Stargazing Season- HΔG Remixed by Mili (Episode 24)
  13. Melody Of Elves- V.K. (Episode 18)
  14. Ephemeral- Mili (Episode 6)
  15. Paper Planes Adventure- V.K. (Episode 23)
  16. Rosetta- Mili (Episode 32)
  17. Pure White- V.K. (Episode 29)
  18. Witch's Invitation- Mili (Episode 43)
  19. Xue Wu- V.K. (Episode 44)
  20. Prismatic Lollipops- DJ Mashiro (Episode TBA)
  21. COMA- Ensou ft. GUMI (Episode TBA)
  22. Darkness- V.K. (Episode TBA)
  23. Chocological- Mili (Episode TBA)
  24. Majestic Pheonix- Ice (Episode TBA)
  25. Warlords Of Atlantis- Sakuzyo (Episode TBA)
  26. Black Lair- Sakuzyo (Episode TBA)
  27. Oriens- Ginkiha (Episode TBA)
  28. Landscape- LOW-PASS (Episode TBA)
  29. Vivere La Vita- Sta (Episode 40)

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