Amanda Hamada
Amanda Hamada
Vital statistics
Title Amanda Hamada
Gender Female
Race Human
Faction Big Hero 6 2 (2018)
Health N/A
Level Good, later bad
Status Alive, soon deceased
Location San Fransokyo

9-year old Amanda

Amanda,as a 9-year old girl

Amanda as a child

Amanda,as a young girl

9-year old Amanda singing

9-year old Amanda,as she sings in the garden

Amanda Hamada & Chelsea Richardson

Amanda and her classmate,Chelsea Richardson,a lady who is 10-years old (voiced by Anna Crummer),as she appears in the promotional art of Big Hero 6 2 (2018)

Young Amanda looking outside

Young Amanda,as she was looking outside of the beautiful window

Happy Amanda

Amanda,as she saw Baymax

Surprised Amanda

Amanda,as she saw her crush,Hiro

Amanda in real life

Amanda,as she appears in the real life


Oh,Amanda Hamada is my cousin.

She can kiss me and she can hug me.

She loves me because she is my girlfriend.


Amanda Hamada was voiced by Kristen Wiig,while Ariel Winter as young Amanda and Dakota Fanning as 9-year old Amanda.


She will appear in Big Hero 6 2 coming in 2018.


At the end of the film in Big Hero 6 2,she became bad because she will not be the cousin and crush of Hiro Hamada and she'll kill all high-tech heroes from San Fransokyo.


  • Full Name: Amanda Long Hamada
  • Japanese Name: あまだ 炉 浜田
  • Customization Appearance: Slender,13-years old,pretty,emo/gothic,fair skin,long black hair,green eyes,a pure white sundress,a pure white shoes with little silver diamonds on it
  • Species: Human
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 13,9 (as a pre-teen),5 (as a child)
  • Birthday: unknown
  • Sign: unknown
  • Alignment: Good,later bad
  • Mother: unknown
  • Father: unknown
  • Siblings: Hiro Takachiho Hamada (cousin),Ina Long Frost (11-year old sister),Rachel Long Haddock (15-year old sister),Amelia Long Corona & Diana Long Queen (stepsisters),Jennifer Long Campbell (stepmother),Edward Long Fredricksen (stepfather),Chelsea King Richardson (classmate),Ashley Smith Hamada (roommate),Soo-Kim Sanchez Cheng (babysitter),Sarah Hall Morris (ancestor),Barry Long Gomez (older brother),Dani Long Moore (older sister)
  • Crush: Hiro Takachiho Hamada
  • Allies: unknown
  • Enemies: Hiro Takachiho Hamada,Baymax,Honey Lemon,Wasabi No Ginger,Fredzilla,GoGo Tomago
  • Status: Alive,soon deceased
  • Likes: Kissing Hiro Hamada!
  • Dislikes: Killing Hiro Hamada!
  • Appearances: Big Hero 6 2 (2018)
  • Voice: Kristen Wiig,Ariel Winter (young Amanda Hamada),Dakota Fanning (9-year old Amanda Hamada)

Galleries Of Amanda HamadaEdit

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